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� 2002
Whendi's Bears


to purchase directly from me

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Welcome to Whendi's Bears

LOOK  WHAT'S  NEW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!




My 3 Dawgs are featured on the cover of Prims and a featured article inside --- Winter 2013 issue .... WOW what an honor!


MiXeD MeDiA ART Dolls

 French Bulldog Fairy Necklace - textiles, metals & paper


Antique Style ToYS w/ swivl heads

Antique Style Postcard Rabbits


 height=     height=

Standing Circus Grizzly Bear                       Standing Circus Jack Russell Terrier


english bulldog pulltoy on wheels


BH-elly-clown11.jpg (141118 bytes)      BH-Boston-lolli0000.jpg (51185 bytes)

BOXER                                  OPEN MOUTH DAWGS



Basset Hound  &  Bulldog                                              Cocker Spaniel

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English Bulldog                                               French Bulldog

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DALMATIAN                                                           JACK RUSSELL TERRIER

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FOX                                                        FRENCH BULL DOG

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Paint PONY /HORSE                                    HOUND DOG       

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AND  my NEW   iTTY-BiTTY   5.5"  size  bears......here he is sitting next to my teacup bear!

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Check my Blog or Facebook page for up-to-date pieces for sale     

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OR  CLICK HERE    ebay-button.jpg (2826 bytes)    TO SEE WHAT I HAVE FOR SALE RIGHT NOW ON EBAY


More Online Places To Find My Work:

I frequently sell on EBAY under the namepaintmeadream

  [name derived from my now deceased Appaloosa Paint Mare...she was a dream horse]

   Want to be the first to know when new pieces become available?  Please join my email list.......or Join my Whendi's Bears Facebook page.  I always post there when I have new pieces available!

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:: NEWS:  I am pleased to announce that I have been chosen 

for Top 200 Craftsman by the Early American Life Magazine for 7 consecutive years....

What an honor!     


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Maker of Vintage & Whimsical style  teddy bears, rabbits, elephants, dogs, giraffes, zebras, fox...to name a few..... and I continue to develop new designs too!   All my designs are original and created by me using my own patterns.

I strive to make each piece look wonderfully distressed and aged.  I try to achieve the look of an old antique toy, as if they were just found in an old trunk in the attic after many years!

For as long as I can remember, I have always been interested in many types of arts & crafts.  I enjoy expressing my creativity in my art, which inspires me to try new techniques that add character and charm to each of my pieces. 

Developing new original designs keeps me challenged and refreshed. 

Most pieces are limited editions or One-of-a-kind pieces and can be found mostly on ebay.  Some pieces can be found in shops across the country or  sometime can be ordered directly from the artist.




  Each piece is handmade the traditional way by award winning artist Wendy Meagher (pronounced 'Mahar').   They are made to look old and time-worn, using only the finest materials such as German and English mohair,  wood wool for filling,  german glass eyes or antique shoe buttons, fully jointed bodies and aged leather, wool or mohair for paw pads. Often, vintage clothing, fabrics, trims and accessories are used.  

All my work will come with my signed hangtag so that you know you are getting an Original Whimsical Whendi's Bear and not an imitation.

Copying or Duplicating any of my Original Designs is strictly prohibited and is protected by Copyright.

IMPORTANT:   ALL of   my creations, including any clothing & accessories,

are for the Adult Collector ONLY

and are NOT intended for children under the age of 12


So come on in and look around.  Thanks for visiting!


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Proudly handmade in the USA

Wendy Meagher
email - whendi@dreamscape.com

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